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Kata Billups
Kata BillupsThis Mount Pleasant, South Carolina artist Kata Billups was in search of the true Elvis when she traveled to Graceland for the first time in 1987. What she found was artistic inspiration. "I started thinking about all the stories surrounding Elvis' life and how the storyteller becomes part of the story," says Billups. Her art series, "Elvis Art and Elvis Sightings," was born from that concept. Check out her Web site for more photos and an oportunity to purchase her work.

Betty Harper
Betty Harper "Betty Harper doesn't draw Elvis, she draws his soul..." ­Gordon Stoker (Jordanaires)
"Nowhere is Betty's careful attention to detail, or her uncanny ability to probe the character of her subject, more apparent than in her world-renowned Elvis portraits. Numbering more than 10,000, these works document every period of the entertainer's life, capturing subtle moods and unconscious gestures. She is "the" Elvis illustrator."
Check out her Web site for more photos and an oportunity to purchase her work.

The Two Kings
Entertainment Weekley writer A. J. Jacobs and Illustrator Eric White shake up the religious world in their book The Two Kings. The book is the culmination of a three-year investigation of Elvis' 1974 claim to his hairdresser that he was the son of God. Jacobs and White lay down the facts for your judgement.

Love Me Tenders
Ryan Almighty claims the employees in his Jamestown, N.Y. tattoo studio are "the nicest evil people you could ever hope to meet!" We agree, ...only Satan himself could have created such a vile illustration. Check out his Web site for more evil.

Elvis in Space
San Francisco artist David Jarvey brings you the best of Star Trek and Elvis, his two great loves. Jarvey, 40, was born with Down's syndrome. Don't call him disabled, though. He is a prolific artist whose work consists of paintings, textiles, sculpture, drawings, site specific instalations, and performance art. When he is not creating at Creativity Explored, a full-time visual art center for disabled adults, you may even find him playing guitar on the corner of 16th Street and Mission in San Francisco - playing and singing Elvis tunes, of course.

Study of Severed Elvis Head with Salmon
From the exhibit ELVIS + MARILYN: 2 X IMMORTAL, comes Marc Solomon Dennis' "Study of Severed Elvis Head with Salmon." The San Jose Museum of Art in California is now showing this painting and more than 100 other pieces in the first major museum exhibition to examine the influence of Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe. On February 23 the show moves to Honolulu, Hawaii and then on to Japan.

You do not have to be a NAAEI member to submit your artwork. Just mail us the art and a description of it, incuding your inspiration, the media used, and anything else you want to add.

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