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Extreme Elvis
Technically, he is a "Nude Elvis" impersonator. Check out his Web site, and see why everyone ends up naked at his performances.

Eilert Pilarm
As Sweden's - and probably the world's - most original interpreter of songs made famous by Elvis Presley, Eilert Pilarm has stunned and entertained the public in equal doses for a couple of years now. Visit Eilertland, his internet home.
Hear him sing: Blue Suede Shoes (111k), Jailhouse Rock (156k)

The Flying Elvi
10 skydiving Elvis Impersonators, ...what more could you ask for? Made famous in the hit movie "Honeymoon in Vegas," the Flying Elvi will perform live for your party. It's not free, but what a value! Check out their Web site.

Also known as The Budgie King, he is the best of all animal Elvis impersonators. The King of the animal kingdom's music includes the titles "You ain't nothing but a cat," "Blue Suede Budgie," "Heartbreak Pet Hotel," and "Are You Lonesome in Your Cage Tonight?" Read all about him and see historic photos of the artist at his Web site.

David E. Prezley
Southern California impersonator David E. Prezley sings "Are You Lonesome Tonight." Be sure to check out his Web site for more music downloads, photos and much more!
Hear him sing: Are You Lonesome Tonight (163k)

Carl Curtz
Carl Kurtz, who has been disabled for a couple years, decided in early 1997 he needed a new hobby to occupy his time. He always enjoyed the King's music and loved singing, so it seemed natural becoming an Elvis impersonator. His family even helped create a costume. Since then he has performed at antique car shows and has a monthly engagement at a local 50s diner. He even donates his tribute time to retirement homes.


Daniel Allevato
Jay Allan
Jim Barone
Black Elvis
Brandon Bennett
Bobby Betz
John Brooks
Paul Butler
Christmas Carol Impersonators
James Clark
Rene Davis
Michael Dean
Butch Dicus
Dr. Kingsize
El Vez
Quentin Flagg

Freddy B
Stephen Freeman
Ginger Gilmore
Green Elvis
Keith Henderson
Ray Hollick
Andrew Howard
Chris Jones
King Memphis
Darren Lee
David Lee
Matt Lewis
John Loos
Bill Lorge
Todd Martin
Mike Memphis
Jason Michael

Eddie Miles
Don Obusek
Chris Olson
Ramjam Presley
Ryan Pelton
Mark Phillips
Steve Preston
Terry Price
Reggie Randolph
Gary Raye
Louis Rockafella
Walt Sanders
Jerry Sembach
Ron Short
Mike Slater
Jack Smink
Dave Sneddon
George Tobar
Lou Vuto
Mori Yasumasa
Eddie Youngblood

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