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The First Presleyterian Church of Elvis the Divine
The founders spent five years developing church doctrine and sacred rituals before going public with the new religion. Presleyterians are required to face Las Vegas daily and make a pilgrimage to Graceland at least once during their lives.

GracelandToo, situated 45 miles south of Memphis, TN in the small town of Holly Springs, MS, is the home of Paul B. MacLeod and his son Elvis Aaron Presley MacLeod. It is an exact replica of Elvis' Graceland. There you will find the world's largest private resource of Elvis information. You can take a tour if you make it to Holly Springs or you can visit their website.

Licensed Elvis Costumes, Wigs & Glasses, by Hollywood Costumes might be the best, most complete and most
reasonably priced collections of Elvis-wear on the internet. They outfit men, women and children.

Is you wife a Cher impersonator? Well they can outfit her too!!

The Elvis Tribute Pistol
Elvis loved his guns. Now there's one dedicated to him. This limited edition tribute is based on the military's official sidearm for over 50 years, including during Elvis' service. The gun sports illustrations of Elvis etched in 24K gold.

Disgraceland is the cybermansion of Tim-Elvis. This site offers an awesome collection of Elvis Links unequaled anywhere.

You do not have to be a NAAEI member to submit your links. Just mail us.

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