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Nude Elvis of San Francsico, California is president of the National Association of Amateur Elvis Impersonators (NAAEI). He has been entertaining visitors to San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf for years.

Voted into office in 1995 by the NAAEI Board of Directors, he pledged to increase membership and help other aspiring Elvis impersonators realize their goals. Under his leadership, pilgrimages to Graceland on the anniversary of Elvis' death have been made, membership has risen from 112 to over 400, and programs like the Elvis Impersonating Mentor Program have been created.

Nude Elvis is friend to the street performer and shares their struggle to make a living. Although he doesn't ask for donations when performing it is always nice to make some money to pay for costume expenses.

Some San Francisco shop owners have expressed their displeasure with Nude Elvis saying, "It's hard to sell food with your big belly harging out," but that doesn't discourage him.

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